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      Thermal Insulation Mortar Mixing Plant

      Brief introduction of thermal insulation mortar mixing plant

      Insulation mortar based on a variety of lightweight materials as aggregate, cement cementitious materials, blending some of the modified additives, a manufacturer of ready-mixed dry mortar by mixing and made. Used to construct a building surface insulation materials.


      Characters of thermal insulation mortar production line

      Inorganic insulation mortar has excellent temperature stability and chemical stability: Inorganic thermal insulation materials made from an insulation system of pure

      inorganic materials. Acid, corrosion, cracking, not falling, high stability, there is no problem of aging, with life and the building wall. 

      Anymore to know about the thermal insulation mortar production,please feel free to contact us in time ,24 hours on line service !                            

      Contact: Mrs. Sunny

      Mobile NO.: +8615137175832

      Whatsapp NO.:+8615137175832

      Email: sunnydjy823@gmail.com

      Skype : sunny12593

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